Wilderness Day Camp
July 8 thru 12
12744 Sand Ridge Rd
Sawyer, MI 49125


Crafts and Skills
The following activities will be offered to our
campers. Age requirements are indicated in parentheses.
Air Riflery (9-13) safety and technique
Archery (9-13) safety and technique
Canoeing (9-13)
Outdoor Life (7-13)campfire cooking and more
Model Rocketry (7-13)
Science Discovery (7-13)
Wilderness Art (7-13)
Woodworking (7-13)
Beginning Fencing (8-13) with safe swords limited to first 14 requests
Each camper may participate in two crafts or skills. Bible study and free time activities.
For the best choices register by June 1st or sooner!



Daily Schedule
9:30 am - 9:40 am Flag Raising
9:45 am-10:10 am Hillside
10:15 am-10:45 am Bible Study
10:50 am- 11:25 am Team Competition
11:30 am-11:55 am Lunch (Bring your own)
12:00 Noon-1:00 pm !st Craft/Skill
1:05 pm-2:00 pm 2nd Craft/Skill
2:05 pm-2:50 pm Structured Free Time
Friday Schedule
1:00 pm-1:10 pm Flag Raising
1:15 pm-1:40 pm Hillside
1:45 pm-2:15 pm Bible Study
2:20 pm-2:55 pm Team Competition
3:00 pm-4:00 pm 1st Craft/Skill
4:05 pm-5:00 pm 2nd Craft/Skill
5:30 pm-7:00 pm

Parents are invited to come see their
children's projects. We will also be
providing food and beverages.
Come for fun and to learn
about God

Located off-site of Bethel Park Property

Wilderness Day Camp is located
between Browntown and Sawyer
Roads at 12744 Sandridge Road in
Sawyer Michigan.
For more information call

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