Retreat Size

Small Groups, 30+, 75+ Guests

Our Retreat Center will hold up to 250 people for an event and can house up to 180 people.

Let's Break It Down.

Small Groups

A group under 30 people will not have the same benefits of a larger group, but they are welcome all the same. 

A Small Group can:

  • Rent a Cottage that suits their needs.
  • Rent the Condo, ET, or Dorm (Utilities costs must be met & dependent upon larger groups)
  • You can provide your own food if there are no other groups (kitchen is staff use only).
  • Partner with another Group to meet the minimum 30 people to have the benefits.
  • Outdoor options available.

Pastoral Sabbaticals

  • Using one of our Cabins for a 2 night stay can help you refocus and rest.
  • A cabin is at cost for a Pastor and their Spouse with the payment of utilities and cleaning.
  • Availability is dependent upon groups using our campus. Weekdays are better for solitude.
  • Outdoor options available.

30+ Guests

This is the minimum number to be able to host with all the amenities.

A group of 30+ people:

  • Three meals will be included daily.
  • Use the Dorm and, if needed, other housing facilities as well.
  • The Popstand and Tabernacle (seasonal) would be open for use.
  • Outdoor options available.

75+ Guests

Ahh... now you have hit the sweet spot. All the benefits are available to you.

A group of 75+ people:

  • Three meals will be included daily.
  • Sole use of the Campus.
  • All seasonal buildings will be open to you.
  • Outdoor options available.