Important information about our Lease

Bethel Park Lease Update:

Dear Friends of Bethel Park:

We currently find ourselves at an important juncture that will determine the future of our dear Bethel Park.  We recently received correspondence from the German District/International Ministries Network “IMN” stating “After reviewing the proposed lease from Bethel Park Ministries, the Presbytery has decided to sever the relationship with BPM. The effective date of this decision shall be July 31, 2019.  A representative of the IMN shall work with the BPM administration to ensure a smooth transition.”

Upon our request, IMN was kind enough to extend the lease to the end of the year to ensure fulfilling existing contracts with our customers.  So now we are faced with a decision:

1) For those who strongly agree with the mission statement of Bethel Park to serve and offer God’s love to others, we would like you to consider helping us purchase the property, or;
2) If there is no interest in saving this historic property, we would have no other choice but to close the camp by or on December 31, 2019.

Bethel Park is worth saving for many reasons– it’s been a part of this community for over 70 years; and notably, Bethel Park serves outside groups, families and campers with a Christian based outreach – something this world needs more of!

We are primarily interested in the 23 acres which basically runs from the Lake Michigan Christian Center parking lot, along the South frontage then back to the High school plus the small plot of land where the monument sign is located.  The asking price for the entire parcel is $400,000.  The following is a tentative timeline:

1)  Determine the amount of land needed for the camp;
2)  Establish a value based on similar parcels in the area;
3)  If we decide to pursue the purchase of the park, IMN requests a non-refundable down payment in the amount of $25,000 due by July 31, 2019;
4)  Lastly, and most importantly, for this project to be viable we will need to have the support of our Friends --without your help this task will be impossible to accomplish.

Additionally, if we are successful in acquiring Bethel Park, Christian Retreats Network has agreed to partner with us to manage the camp.

This is just a brief outline of current events and we plan on discussing this issue in greater detail at our annual Family Camp get together between July 5 – 10th.  Please plan to attend the Business meeting to be held on Saturday July 6, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Tabernacle!

In the meantime, We ask that you pray about this unique opportunity with the hope that God’s will is to keep this historic retreat open for generations to come.  Time is of the essence, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail Christin at or call our office at 269-465-6669. We thank you for your prayers and any monetary pledges/love offerings you are willing give. Please hit the donate button below…


Bethel Park Board of Directors