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Advent Celebration 2015


The sun rises and sets like clock work. You would think that there would be a certain simplicity and dependability to that, yet the reason in how that all comes together is anything but simple. It's complex, intricate, and for lack of a better word...awesome! Every day we make a choice in how we will spend that day. Well, there is one day that we would like to invite you to come and join us in a celebration. We want to invite you to celebrate the One who put all things in place and created all things. He's created many different people and communications to us through His creation.

Well, Advent is our day to remember all of the things that Christ has done for us. We will celebrate Him in as many ways as we are able through worshiping Him in song, different languages, instruments and through our hands that have labored to bring this day together.

We invite you to join us for our Advent Celebration on Saturday, Dec 5th from 2:30-4:30PM.


Email us at

Call us at 269-465-6669

Please inform us of the following:

Names of everyone in your attending party, and Contact info.

Are you interested in helping Perform, Bake, or Decorate?


We need You! Yes, You! Please come and help on one of these days and be a part of the blessing that goes into the day.

Decorating Day:

  • Monday, November30th @ 9:30AM
  • If you are available before to help with crafts please contact us.

Baking Days:

  • Wednesday November 18th starting @ 9AM
  • Saturday, November 21st from 9AM-5PM

Elfie's Napkins
Christin's Party Dance
Helmut's String a Long
Esther's Decor
Kay's Crazy Face
Donna's Presentation
Bev's Cookies
The Food!
The Head Hanchos
The Set Up

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